Political Action

Every decision made about your child’s education is made by someone elected, hired or appointed. And every one of those decisions is based on resources allocated by elected officials and how those local officials decide to allocate those resources.   

Parents, voters, teachers and paraprofessionals need to pay attention and be informed. It’s impossible to be an informed advocate of your children’s education without being aware of these decisions. Learn below how you can be a good advocate for your kids and a good student advocate.  

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Political Advocacy of the MEA and UEA

MEA’s legislative program supports fully funded programs and initiatives to advance the following goals: safety, civility and order in every school, every student ready to learn, every school building in good condition, every classroom connected to current technologies, quality state-certified educator(s) in every classroom/program, and adequate numbers of qualified and non-instructional education support professionals and supervisory/administrative staff.

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