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Our Mission

The Utica Education Association (UEA) is a vital part of Utica Community Schools (UCS) as we work daily to make sure our children have the best educational experience possible and provide the tools they need to support a superior educational experience. The UEA advocates for our teachers and school professionals so they have what they need to support our kids, whether they’re in the classroom, on the field, in the gym, or a part of a team or band.

Our schools must promote the ideas of democracy. The UEA believes strongly in the preservation of a free society dependent upon the ability of its citizens to protect individual liberty, encourage social justice, make informed choices, and develop new ways of solving problems. We believe that quality education is a right , and we embrace the hope of the American dream and strive to make this dream a reality for our UCS families.

We are committed to providing our professionals with equitable pay, the materials and resources they need, and smaller class sizes so our children get the personal attention they deserve. The UEA also makes sure our teachers and professionals have the highest level of regular training and professional development.

As part of our role in UCS we also make sure that decisions made by our board of education are transparent and accountable to the district teachers, professionals and parents.

We are especially proud of the teachers who have made personal decisions to dedicate themselves to helping provide a quality education at UCS. As of the 2018-19 school year, nearly 40% of our teachers who spent some or all of their primary education in UCS are now teaching in the district, showing a remarkable commitment to their community.

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“The mission of the Utica Education Association…

is to ensure that the education of Utica Community School Students and the working environments of our members are of the highest quality.”

— Liza Parkinson


Why Our Teachers Are Members of the UEA

UEA members are an instrumental part of the Michigan Education Association (MEA), the strongest professional labor union for public school employees in Michigan, thanks to the collective power of its 140,000 members and the talents of experienced lobbyists and political action professionals. This combination has helped us secure legislation that benefits both members and students.

MEA lobbyists are working tirelessly to ensure legislation establishing a statewide teacher and administrator evaluation system is passed. Their efforts greatly improved the final bill that reduced the percentage of student growth used in teacher evaluations and provides training for teachers and administrators in the evaluation process. While bargaining over evaluations would be ideal, the final bill – due to be signed shortly – is a much better alternative to what was originally proposed. Read more about the bill at

Lobbyists continue to work with legislators to improve the third grade reading bill so struggling students receive the resources and remediation they need to be successful, and not be held back because they aren’t proficient in reading.

It’s the collective power of school employees in the UEA being engaged that helps give MEA the ability to be the state’s foremost advocate for public education, public school employees and students.