UEA Leadership

The Utica Education Association Board of Directors is comprised of experienced professionals representing all levels of education in Utica Community Schools who make recommendations and advocate to protect the rights, responsibilities, income and benefits associated with teachers and paraprofessionals in the district.

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Liza Parkinson – President

Liza has served as UEA President since 2010 and is a full-time release President responsible for the negotiation and maintenance of the master agreement between the Utica Community Schools (UCS) and the Utica Education Association.

Her duties also include HR functions, crisis management, grievance processing, political lobbying, maintenance of financial records, and responding to the needs of over 1,400 UEA members.


Angelo Harwood - Vice President

Angelo is from Shelby Township and has been a UEA Board Member since 2011 and a teacher since 2003.  He is currently teaching at Flickinger Elementary.

Angelo’s mission on the board is to bring the entire district association together as one with great communication and ONE message. He is responsible for launching the Harwood Updates group on Facebook and the UEA Remind account.  


Melissa Gronzo – Secretary

Melissa is from Rochester Hills and has served as a UEA Board Member since 2009 and Secretary for the past 5 years. She is currently a sixth-grade Teacher at Burr Elementary.  Melissa is also an MEA delegate and has been an active participant in NEA and MEA leadership programs, along with serving on the UCS District’s CLC committee for many years.

She joined the board with a goal to be an advocate for teachers and fight for the rights of public education.

Melissa is a UCS graduate and formerly coached cheerleading at Jeanette Junior High School and Utica High School.


Pamela Grady – Elementary Trustee

Pam has served on the board for more than 20 years and is a first- and second-grade Montessori teacher at Messmore Elementary, serving as a UCS teacher for more than 30 years.

Pam has served as a data chair for Messmore Elementary, as lead on the committee of Montessori/Michigan State Standards Alignment, as a building representative for more than 20 years and as an MEA delegate.


Lawanda Parker – Secondary Trustee

Lawanda has been a district professional for 40+ years and has been the head building representative for Eisenhower High School since 2001. She was formerly head building representative for Jeannette Junior High School. She has devoted half of her teaching experience to junior high school and senior high school.

She has been an MEA delegate for approximately six years and is our longest standing union board member with 40+ years of service.


Rebecca Grabowski – Special Education Trustee

Rebecca, from Shelby Township, is in her second year as a UEA Special Education trustee.  She has been a teacher at Jeannette Junior High since 2007 and is a 20-year teaching veteran.

She has a passion for teacher-union representation after working previously in two charter schools. She was frustrated experiencing substandard tests scores, poor student safety, treatment of employees, and lack of adherence to special education law. As a UEA board member, she wants to make sure that Utica Community School students, teachers, and staff are always treated with respect and dignity. She is also passionate that UCS students receive the best education possible.


Courtney Moore - Treasurer

Courtney is from Macomb Township and took over as UEA Treasurer in the 2018-19 school year. She currently teaches English 8 at Davis Junior High and previously was at Jack Harvey Elementary for 12 years, teaching in the elementary grades.

She is passionate about making decisions as UEA Treasurer based in logic and reason, working toward the greater good of our whole district. She joined the board because she believes that there is strength in numbers and that together teachers can accomplish so much more if they collectively put their minds to a goal and objective.


Jonathan Marceau – Elementary Trustee

Jonathan lives in Clawson and has served as the UEA Elementary Trustee since 2016. He is currently a fourth-grade teacher at Monfort Elementary and has been teaching in the district since 2003.

His dedication to his position on the board comes from his desire to serve as a positive representative for his fellow elementary teachers.  He brings expertise in areas of education policy and public education advocacy, and has a desire that his background translates into unique and creative perspectives regarding issues facing teachers and the UEA.

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Christopher Brown – Elementary Trustee

Christopher is from Sterling Heights and has served as Board Elementary Trustee since 2016. He has been a fifth-grade teacher at West Utica Elementary since 2011.

He joined the board in an effort to make sure elementary teachers, especially those early in their careers, are represented and know the importance of union membership and union activism.

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Nate Domke – Secondary Trustee

Nate is from Macomb Township and joined the board as a Secondary Trustee in the 2018-19 school year. He is also has been an elected MEA delegate since 2012. He currently teaches at Davis Junior High and has been a teacher since 2002.

He joined the board with a goal of assisting younger teachers who feel they do not have a voice. He is also driven by defending teacher working conditions and rights.


Amy J. Zitzelberger - Executive Director

Amy is from Windsor, ON, and has been an Executive Director to the UEA, Macomb Academy Education Association, and ESP since 2017. She previously served as an educator for more than 25 years and has also participated in teaching programs in India (2011-12) and Thailand (2003-04) and was Teacher of the Year at Hazel Park High School in 2009.  

Amy’s mission on the UEA board is to deliver high-quality public education through organization and advocacy for MEA members who are dedicated to all of Michigan’s children.